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Manousakis Winery, Greece – Alexandra Manousakis

January 29, 2012

At the Manousakis Winery, our philosophy is based on the belief that nature gives us the best product when we do not interfere. Thus, we aim to give back to the earth as much as we possibly can while harvesting the best possible fruits to make a quality wine. Our belief is that in order to maintain an ecologically friendly winery and simultaneously capture the unique essence of the terroir it is necessary to leave nature undisturbed. The Lefka Oroi mountain range of Crete has so many aromas and flavors to offer our vines that it would be a disgrace to not take advantage of them. Having said that, the best way to accentuate these aromas and flavors is to work with eco-friendly procedures that will heighten these natural properties.

Given that our vineyards were organic and therefore balanced from the beginning, we have not had difficulties or challenges to overcome as far as eco-friendly farming is concerned.

We are very happy with the work we are doing. We have proved to ourselves and to our fans that eco-friendly wineries in Greece can go a long way and yield highly desirable results. It is more than worth the effort to practice eco-friendly farming, especially in today’s world where so much has been done to damage the environment.



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