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LaRocca Vineyards, California – Philip LaRocca

January 30, 2012

Philip LaRocca

Why do you do what you do?

I believe farming is in my blood from birth. My mother’s family, both in Sicily and in America, were all farmers. As a young boy I loved going to the ranch, and I would work there during the summers. Wine has always been a part of my family as well. My father and grandfather were home winemakers. The family was large and they made a lot. My family never farmed with chemicals. My mother never believed in synthetics. It came natural to me. My wife was also convinced that chemicals were harmful. We’ve always farmed organically, for 38 years.

Why do you choose to do it the way you do?

We chose to be all organic because we feel it is healthier for mankind, in both body and soul. It also helps protect the environment… the soil, water, air quality.

What obstacles have you overcome?

38 years ago people thought we were either crazy or evil to think we could produce organically grown and processed food. That thinking is still there, but not as it once was. We endured because we truly believe in what we do.

What disasters have you survived?

As a farmer we have survived frost, hail, excessive heat, and flat markets. In the winery it was like re-inventing the wheel. To make a wine without the preservative Sulfite, was very hard. We did it all on our own. There was no one to turn to. We figured it out and survived. Our wines have been recognized nationally and internationally as quality wines.

Are you happy with your work?

I love what I do!

Is it worth the effort?

To watch the grapes grow, then through the miracle of fermentation turn those grapes into fine wine is absolutely worth the effort.




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