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Volker Eisele Family Estate, California – Eisele Family

January 31, 2012

At Volker Eisele Family Estate, we have farmed organically since we bought our property in 1974. At that time organic farming was virtually unknown. Even the professors in the Viticulture Department at U.C. Davis said that we could not farm successfully without the addition of chemicals.

Over the last thirty five years, our organic farming practices have not only produced a clean and healthy environment but also wine grapes of exceptional quality. We farm the way we do because it makes good common sense. To successfully farm organically we need to pay attention to bio diversity. This is the reason why we have spent a great deal of time on habitat restoration, especially in our riparian corridors. We have been able to re-establish nearly complete food chains, from the smallest worm to the largest birds. The plants in the creek beds are all native.

In addition, we have eliminated cattle grazing on our wooded hillsides. Now the vineyard is adjacent to native vegetation and healthy habitats so that Mother Nature can do the rest.

Because of these measures, we have never faced any large obstacles or diseases. As it turns out, farming has been easier and significantly less expensive than it would have been with the use of chemicals. That in itself is enough reason to become an organic farmer. Besides, time saved could be time to relax and enjoy one more glass of Cabernet Sauvignon!



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