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Yorkville Cellars, California – Deborah & Edward Wallo

January 31, 2012

We’re proud to have been certified organic in 1986, among the first handful in the state of California. That’s over two dozen years now of chemical free farming. And although some people think of it as “the new trend,” we tend to view it from the perspective that wine is 7,000 years old. And for 6,950 years, the grapes were always farmed organically; until the petrol-chemical industry got involved after WWII.

Farming vines organically is not tremendously difficult, although there is clearly an increased expense due to the additional hand labor involved. So it can be frustrating to read the figures that only just over 10,000 acres of wine grapes in the state out of nearly 500,000 acres are certified organic. What a difference to the carbon footprint if the other 98% were chemical-free! We find it tremendously rewarding and believe it is the right thing to do for our family living on the property, our workers, and our neighbors – and because we’re at the top of the watershed.  Our commitment is that of our ancestors, to do what’s best for the long-term benefit of our land and our future generations.



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