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Delatite, Australia – David Ritchie

February 5, 2012

Why do you do what you do?

I love growing grapes and then making them into wine that is appreciated around the world

Why do you choose to do it the way you do?

My father taught me about soil and water conservation by planting across the hill and having vine rows following true contours (a mongrel to manage!). I’ve just taken it a step further by moving to Biodynamics and leaving herbicides and pesticides behind – much healthier for our staff, for the plants, for the soil, and the whole environment.

What obstacles have you overcome?

In late 2005 my sister left the business and the family was shown to be pretty dysfunctional!  Then over the next 16 months we had a ripper time; a horrendous frost, hail, terrible drought, 50 days of smoke blanketing the vineyard from bushfires, then the grasshoppers.

Are you happy with your work?

Could always do better but basically yes. To see the improvement in soil structure and texture across the vineyard, and to see the huge increase in earthworms, is very satisfying.

Is it worth the effort?

Of course – Knowing that our wines are appreciated by others is very satisfying, as is winning trophies and getting good reviews.

Shiraz pressing



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