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Elderton Wines, Australia – Cameron and Allister Ashmead

February 6, 2012

Why do you do what you do?

Elderton has been running its estate vineyards in Nuriootpa organically since 2008 with one particular single site bio-dynamically since 2007.  We are conducting a 3 year trial to ascertain if we can continue to improve grape quality across the vineyard.  It must be stressed however that we are not seeking certification at this point in time.

Why do you choose to do it the way you do?

Elderton has a reputation for making some world-class wines – especially Shiraz and Cabernet.  We are constantly reassessing the work that we do in our vineyard and cellar to ensure that we are constantly improving the quality of the wine.  This is the reason that we have decided to go down the organic path for our estate vineyards.

What obstacles have you overcome?

It has not been easy implementing the practical farming techniques particularly in the BD block, however we have got there.

Are you happy with your work?

We really have not yet had a ‘normal’ vintage since 2008 because of some of the warmer weather that we have had, but we are very happy with the quality of the fruit being grown.

Is it worth the effort?

We have not reached the end of our 3 year trial, but yes the viticultural and winemaking staff are very happy with the results so far.

There will be a quiz following…



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