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Kalleske Wines, Australia – Troy Kalleske

February 10, 2012



At Kalleske our philosophy is “To let the vineyard shine through in the bottle.”

We want to get a sense of the place coming through so people will experience a unique, genuine, authentic wine from the Kalleske vineyard. Not just an Australian wine or a Barossa wine, but a Kalleske wine.

We believe this is achieved by growing the grapes organically/biodynamically without any manipulation from chemicals.  We continue this approach in the winery with traditional and low-intervention winemaking.

We do what we do (grow grapes and make wine organically/biodynamically) because we believe it is the logical, intelligent and ‘normal’ way of doing things. We believe it is the right thing for the environment, for people, and is the right way of producing wine of genuine quality and integrity.

We are happy with our work and believe it is definitely worth the effort. We’ve had a few obstacles along the way such as working out efficient weed control methods but no disasters. We are happy to overcome a few obstacles from time to time as we know that farming organically/biodynamically is the only way of the future.





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