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Montinore Estate, Oregon – Rudy and Kristin Marchesi

February 15, 2012


Why do you do what you do?

I have been an organic gardener for almost 40 years and have seen firsthand the effect of organic practices on food quality and the health and quality of soils and the surrounding environment.  Upon encountering Biodynamics I recognized that this was an agricultural method that expanded upon organic practices and allowed the practitioner to interact with his farm in ways that enhanced the health and vitality of the farm as living organism and as a result greatly improved the quality of our grapes.

Why do you choose to do it the way you do?

We were motivated by a desire to grow the best grapes possible and to end each year with our farm a little healthier than the year before.  We wanted to provide a healthy environment for all of us that work here and we wanted to be an example to other farmers that it is possibly to be a successful farm using Organic and Biodynamic practices.

What obstacles have you overcome?

Learning what the Biodynamic “tools” are, how to most effectively use them and how to incorporate them into our existing farming cycles.  We had to design and build special equipment suitable to the size of our farm where none were commercially available.

Are you happy with your work?

We are very pleased with the effects of our change in farming practices.  We started almost 10 years ago and each year the vineyards seem to look better than the year before.  Our vine size and block yield had become more consistent and every year our wine seems to get more and more expressive.

Is it worth the effort?





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