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Seresin Estate, New Zealand – Michael Seresin

February 16, 2012

Bill, Tom and Anna

Michael, why do you do what you do?

I believe there are more than enough chemicals swirling around our Planet, in our air, water and soil. Therefore, if it is possible to grow grapes and make wine without resorting to using any of these chemicals, why not do so? So we do not use them and we make very good wine from very good grapes. Above all, we have a bunch of smart, dedicated people working with us, who bring a huge sense of ownership and responsibility to all our endeavors. I believe the organic and, more specifically, biodynamic cultures attract a type of individual who respond to the rituals of life – a quality long absent for many of us.


Biodynamic Preparation 501

What obstacles have you overcome?

A new culture and rituals take time to take root. These were not obstacles, but rather going through the process of learning this new culture, and this never stops.


Raupo Creek Vineyard

What disasters have you survived?

No true disasters, but Mother Nature can be a capricious mistress – so early or late frosts can be a problem, as can rain at flowering. Otherwise a fire which destroyed our vineyard sheds was probably the only incident which could be called a disaster.


Cow Pat Pits

Are you happy with your work?

Yes, I am happy with our work…. but never satisfied. I love to know that we can always do better.  I suspect this quality is also shared by many of the people who work for us.

Is it worth the effort?

Absolutely it is worth the effort – from every perspective: From the people, who are literally an extended family; to the culture, which includes not just our wines, but our olive oil, crops, animals, orchard, bees and honey, vegetable gardens and so on. I would not go back to “conventional” viticulture ever, and I mean ever.


Stuart the Horse



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