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Pig in the House, Australia – Jason and Rebecca O’Dea

February 17, 2012

Why do you do what you do?

It was our belief that converting to organic production was the right thing to do for us, the environment, those who consume our produce, and future generations. All decisions are now made with sustainable practices in mind. This includes everything from business practices to waste reduction.

What obstacles have you overcome?

We are using alternative forms of fertilizer and fungicides on the vines: namely fish products, biodynamic preparations and canopy management. In terms of herbicides we have replaced the use of chemicals with under vine application of straw mulch, manual weeding and during the dormant months the use of organic sheep. We have successfully reduced the use of chemical inputs using these methods.

What disasters have you survived?

In 2005 we lost our entire crop to disease. While we were able to control the disease in the conventional vineyards we were unable to find an Organic alternative to cure the disease

Are you happy with your work?

I enjoy being in the organic vineyard more than being in conventional vineyards as the whole system is alive

Is it worth the effort?

So far so good. We are happy with the fruit quality we are producing.




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