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Redtail Vineyard, Ontario – Pauline Joicey and Gilbert Provost

February 17, 2012

Why do you do what you do?

Our passion for drinking good wines eventually became a passion to make good wines from grapes grown in very traditional ways. This became our dream for retirement. Once this was decided upon, we seriously set on achieving that dream.

Why do you choose to do it the way you do?

Early in the planning stage for the vineyard, it was decided to use organic viticulture practices. This requires a large amount of hard hand-work and the use of tools and equipment instead of systemic chemicals. We only use inorganic substances like the Bordeaux Mix (copper sulfate and hydrated lime) and sulfur as fungicide, home-made soap and nettle tea as pesticide. Weed control, for example, is done by hand.

Our approach in the vineyard is driven by our deep love and profound respect for Nature. As true perfectionists, our work ethics ensure that all activities in the vineyard aim at protecting all and every creatures of nature whether it is life underground or keeping birds and raccoons from damaging our crop. As of January 2007, our vineyard has an approved Environmental Farm Plan.

Indeed, with this in mind, we have set the goal of striving to get closer to full biodynamic viticulture at each opportunity. We want to work hand in hand with Mother Nature in order to grow the best grapes and make the best wines our terroir has to offer.

What obstacles have you overcome?

Choosing organic viticulture is an obstacle in itself. However, we have never been afraid of hard work.  And surviving what Mother Nature throws at you is an annual event. So far, nothing more disastrous has happened to us.

Are you happy with your work?

Yes, very happy. One cannot make good wine without growing good grapes. Our inaugural release got some very nice reviews from the experts and both wines sold out.




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