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Coulée de Serrant (Vignoble de la), France – Nicholas Joly

March 19, 2012

 Coulée de Serrant

Why do you do what you do?  Why biodynamics?

Because it gives a meaning to my life. When you understand the system which brings life to the earth and work “with” it (This what biodynamics is about!) – it goes much beyond what you just “do.” In other words, there is a return. You get connected to a broader reality which somehow feeds you. Also, when you see the dead-end to which our societies are taking us, you feel like screaming that there are other ways that have more meaning. Understanding a plant, helping it to fully express itself or reconnecting it to the forces it needs to be itself; this is where human beings implement their humanity.

Profits have become such a goal that men are blind to all else. I had some people say that my land management was poor because some fields, which could carry vines, would never have them – all for the sake of respecting a landscape, or creating diversity as an answer to the monoculture that the vines imply. These criticisms came from people of good faith whose education was not complete enough.

Unfortunately, the true teaching process does not yet exist. Today, life is separated into thousands of bits where no deep answers can be found .When you present a friend to someone you do not say, “This is John: 82 kilograms of flesh, 1.78 meters tall, width of smile 3 inches, etc.” Quality does not belong to the world of matter and cannot be measured in the same manner. To avoid technology in the wine cellar, you need to work at the energetical level where each plant or biodynamic preparation acts as a receiver of specific forces. This has to be adapted to each place differently. BD is in a wine only when this “tuning” has been properly done. It is a long and fascinating trip which will go much, much farther in the future. If one-tenth of the research spent on conventional farming was spent on biodynamic farming, the world would change. Remember, you are what you eat or drink. Matter is energy. When the crops are correctly raised, the energies are well balanced, no “additives” have to be used, and you will get within you that harmony or that music of life!



If your only goal is your banking account, your life may become dull even if you are successful. Making less and serving the earth, remaining free, seeing and listening to nature is a huge satisfaction.

The meaning of life is in its pleasure and in its difficulty.

 Virginie Joly and Marius



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