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Champagne Marguet, France – Benoit Marguet

March 23, 2012

Why do you do what you do?

A lot of information is withheld from consumers. The reality is not explained, and people would be surprised to learn the impact of modern industry on the food they eat every day.  Plants are not considered living things, but machines; and the soil is no longer alive, but simply a dead support.

I have seen the disaster of chemicals on the soil, groundwater, air, and also on health.

The city is a source of pollution, but it’s something you can sense because you can smell the car pollution. The countryside is now more polluted than the city, at least during agriculture spraying season, but this you can hardly smell – it’s a hidden pollution, which makes it even more dangerous.

Any chemicals in the environment will eventually be found in the grapes, then in the wines, and then in your body.  The chemicals corrupt the quality and purity of wines, and the health of the customers.

The greatest wines are organic, but we need to educate the customers. Unfortunately, today taste is standardized, and people do not tolerate much taste evolution. It’s a new culture to begin.

Is it worth the effort?

Not everybody is able to accept such a change these days. It will be easier and easier tomorrow and on into the future. Humans are human, and people that criticized us 5 years ago we now see shopping in organic stores. We are horse plowing our vineyards – today they laugh, tomorrow they will understand.

The whole of agriculture can be organic, and it’s not reserved for rich people and niche wines. It’s just a matter of lobbying, politics, network power, education and hard work.




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