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Domaine Carneros, California – Eileen Crane: President/Winemaker, & TJ Evans: Winemaker

March 29, 2012

From TJ Evans, Domaine Carneros’ Pinot Noir winemaker:

Why do you do what you do?

I love to grow grapes and make wine.  I make wine because I have to. It’s an annual cycle that begins each year with pruning and ends when the wine is bottled. I cannot imagine a harvest coming where I was not involved with making wine.

What obstacles have you overcome?

Farming is uncertain.  We cannot control Nature. We must have a plan but remain flexible to what is offered. Listening is important.

Are you happy with your work?

I am very fulfilled creatively and professionally.

Is it worth the effort?

It does not feel like work or effort.  I do not think of it in those terms.  We all put so much energy, so much of our lives into each bottle of wine. We are always looking forward to the next wine, the next vintage, and how to make it better.  Pulling out an old wine is a special moment, a rare moment when we think about what we did in that vintage.  It is nice when the effort shows through. Each vintage we learn something new, and realize there is so much more to learn. We only get so many chances.




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