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Fatalone, Italy – Pasquale Petrera

March 30, 2012

Filippo and Pasquale Petrera 

Azienda Agricola Pasquale Petrera Di Orfino Rosa

We are:

  • The 5th-generation small family winery situated on a rocky hilltop to the South of Gioia del Colle in the middle of Puglia – Southern Italy.
  • The first winery to bottle in 1987 the Gioia del Colle D.O.C. Primitivo as a single grape variety.
  • A founding member of the Consortium for the Protection of the Wines D.O.C. Gioia del Colle
  • The first winery to carry out, in 2007, a vertical tasting of a Gioia del Colle D.O.C. Primitivo, with 10 vintages of our own “Fatalone Riserva” from 1994 to 2005, giving proof of the incredible long life of our Primitivo.


  • Our limited high-quality wine production is made only with our own locally grown autochthonous grapes Primitivo and Greco.
  • Our wines are aged with the application of music-therapy, entirely bottled and certified Organic by I.C.E.A. also in accordance with the American N.O.P. standards, 85% exported
  • Our production process is 100% sustainable: without use of irrigation and with Zero CO2 emission, powered only by solar energy.
  • Ours is a Zero-Km production by processing just our own grapes.

We look at vines like they are people and give them all the best we could desire for ourselves.  Care, attention and the loving, persevering presence of our own hands; a comfortable environment with temperature control and soundproofing of our premises; tranquillity and harmony through music therapy applied to the wine in the cellar to support its evolution.  We firmly believe that the success of a wine must begin from the roots of the vine as we want our wine to mirror the land and the family that produces it.


Aunt Anna

Uncle Nino



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