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Kaz Winery, California – Richard Kasmier

April 1, 2012

We are a very small, family owned winery. We have grown all of our grapes with organic practices since the beginning. We were the first in Sonoma Valley to grow this way!

Why do you do what you do?  I saw the benefits of organic growing from my great Aunt Hattie in the 50’s. It’s the way she always grew her veggies & fruit trees! I am a believer!

How do you do it?  I tell people it’s what we don’t do or add! That being said, we add a manure in the fall after harvest so it can breakdown into the soil over winter. Then when the plant needs nutrients it’s already in the soil! We do add mulch in mid-spring and that is for the row crops we put down in between the vine rows. We spray the vines for mildew with things you can eat.

What obstacles have you overcome? Getting the organic products to spray on the vines for mildew. Taking care of the weeds when they become too tall.

What disasters have you survived? Frost in late April. Organic or not, late frosts are the worst. One year I lost 85% of our crop.

Are you happy with your work? When folks come into our winery they can see I’m a happy and upbeat guy. I love what I do!

Is it worth the effort? Yes! I strive for it and if people get it, cool. Organic is nature’s way, and nature can protect itself with help! People can be the helpers of the natural way! It is also fun to try to come up with a cure for what’s ailing your plants. The answers are at your finger tips!



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