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Domaine du Clos Saint Landelin, France – René Muré

April 3, 2012

In the 7th century this vineyard belonged to the Bishopric of Strasbourg. A bishop in the 8th century donated it to the Saint Landelin Abbey. According to the deeds of the time these vines were chosen from among the best in Alsace. Our family bought Clos Saint Landelin in 1935.

The vineyard covers 37.5 acres and is situated at the southern end of the Grand Cru Vorbourg. Its steep south facing slopes are cultivated in terraces. The soil is clay and limestone with a lot of stones. The subsoil is made of calcareous sandstone from the Bajocien and calcareous conglomerates from the Oligocene.

The plantings are made according to the soil and the sun-exposure: Riesling at the bottom of the hillside, Gewürztraminer and Muscat at the middle, Pinot Gris on the south-west, Pinot Noir on the plateau and Sylvaner on the south-east.

It is in the deepest levels of the soil that the vine draws the characteristics of the place, the terroir. The soil is worked deeply (plowing). There are no surface roots anymore. The young vines are tilled by hand and each surface root is cut. The chemical weedings with herbicides have been completely abandoned.  The estate does not use any chemicals harmful to the micro-organisms of the soil, to the quality of the ambient air, or to the purity of surface waters; since good biological activity of the ground ensures a better mineralization of the elements and thus a good assimilation by the root-system.

These measures, the organic procedures, ensure the development of the fauna and the flora of the vineyards.






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