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Franchete, Spain – Francisco Cambronero Pérez

April 3, 2012

Why do you do what you do?  For conviction. I am a chemical engineer. After several years working in that industry, I returned to the field. Now I want the chemicals away from me.

How do you do it? I do the best I know. I think it is not sufficient to make good organic wine. I want to make a great organic wine. For this I have an innovative culture of the vine that makes my wines have a different taste than other wines.

What obstacles have you overcome? My biggest obstacle has been the marketing. There is a large market for conventional wine, a small market for organic wine, and the organic signature wine market is even smaller. Finding potential customers for my wine has been, and remains, a difficult job

What disasters have you survived? No disasters, but I had problems with contamination of my grapes by neighboring farmers. I have also had some disappointment when trying to make wines without sulfites

Are you happy with your work? I am very happy with my work. This year we have shown at three fairs. I am delighted to see the reaction of people who taste my wines

Is it worth the effort? Of course it is worth the effort. This gives me encouragement for the future and to continue improving day by day. I believe that organic agriculture is needed to keep the land for the future. It is also good for people who eat organic food and for the farmers who work the land. And I have the absolute conviction that organic wines respect the character of the terroir better than conventional wines.





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