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Hawk and Horse Vineyards, California – Mitch and Tracey Hawkins

April 9, 2012

Hawk and Horse Vineyards is a small, family owned and operated biodynamic ranch and vineyard estate in the Red Hills AVA of Lower Lake, California. Situated at elevations of 1,800 – 2,200 feet, our vineyard is planted in rich red volcanic soil which glitters with “Lake County Diamonds” (quartz shards which occur naturally, residue of long-dormant nearby volcano, Mt. Konocti). Farming this very special property using biodynamic methods, we are able to bring together all of the elements of nature which make this site so special – clean mountain air, fresh spring water and red volcanic soil. Our wines have varietal distinction, and express this unique place and cannot be duplicated anywhere else on earth. Biodynamic farming allows us to produce a wine of authenticity because nearly all of the preparations which go into the vineyard come directly from our 1,300 acre ranch.  One example of this is our herd of Scottish Highland cattle. They are handsome and friendly and also provide us with the natural elements for our biodynamic compost and vineyard preparations. We thus can practice Biodynamic protocols of operating within a closed system.

We are very hands on in everything we do. We grow the grapes, make the wine and also sell the wine mostly through a small mailing list.

Does this sort of approach take more time? Of course it does!  But we could not imagine a more beautiful place or a more rewarding way to spend our time. We do it because wine is experiential and sensual. With wine there is an expectation of nuance and an anticipation of sense of terroir. This makes wine growing especially suited to biodynamic farming practices.






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