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Parés Baltà, Spain – The Cusiné Family

April 10, 2012

We produce high quality wines and cavas. The grapes come from our 5 estates, situated around the winery and in the mountains of Penedès. The altitude varies from 170 to 750 meters and offers a diverse mixture of soils and microclimates that give a special personality to our wines.

We are winemakers with a long tradition, but with new and fresh ideas. The management is led by Joan and Josep Cusiné Carol who guide the company into a new era of high quality wine production, with the help of their father Joan Cusiné Cusiné.

The winemaking is in the hands of enologists Maria Elena Jimenez and Marta Casas, whose efforts are reflected in the quality of the wines that are produced at Parés Baltà; showing fine character and concentration yet with elegance and balance.

We have always practiced organic viticulture and our wines have been organically certified since 2004. We have our own flock of sheep to fertilize the vineyards and bees that help pollinate the vines, bringing the essence of the Mediterranean ecosystem to our grapes.


The only treatment used in the vineyard is the “Bordeaux broth”, sulfur powder against the oidium, and bacillus thuringiensis against the grape worm cochylis that attacks the grapes.

We do prune leaves to increase the air circulation and exposure of the grapes to the sun. Also, a so called “green harvest” is done: thinning out the grapes before they ripen. The objective of this is to increase the concentration and character of the grapes left on the vine. The amount of thinning depends on the climatology of the year; but for example in the case of the Garnatxa that we use for our Hisenda Miret wine, we prune away more than 50% of the grapes.

No artificial irrigation is done. The only water that the vines receive comes directly from the rain or is taken by the roots from deeper down.

Penedés Mountain Vineyard

Some of our vineyards lie in the mountains of Penedés where we are cultivating vines on terraces prepared centuries ago. These terraces were abandoned years ago because of the high costs to maintain them. We have slowly taken them into to use again, cultivating varietals not so common for the region. The estates are completely isolated and only surrounded by woods.

Bonelli’s Eagle

Wild animals like wild boars, foxes, rabbits and Bonelli’s eagle are common to see around the mountain vineyards. The wild boars seems to be real gourmets though, since they only eat very ripe grapes


Iberian Wild Boars



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