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Tenuta di Valgiano, Italy – Moreno Petrini and Laura di Collobiano

April 14, 2012

Why do you do what you do? We have been practicing Biodynamic agriculture since 2001: sowing of various herbs and green manure, clay, copper and sulfur treatments, biological action against parasites, and careful management of the leaf canopy – hence yield, quality, health of the vines, and aromatic characteristics of the wine have improved. In two words “life is easier”.

How do you do it? We apply the Australian biodynamic methods of Alex Podolinsky. It is of vital importance to be practical and to concentrate on the proper use of well made preparations.

What obstacles have you overcome? At the beginning, we had to overcome the dependence on the conventional system of relying on someone else products, advice, expertise, without even knowing what was happening. A system heavily supported by the academic pseudo-scientific university without any regards to proper scientific attitude of observation and trial.

What disasters have you survived? Since the beginning our experience has been positive. Only in 2008, the uncommonly wet spring caused some trouble due to our waiting for the soil to dry before entering the vineyard for spraying. We lost 30% of the crop. Since then we have developed very light spraying equipment mounted on a motor bike – and in 2010, in worse conditions, we lost nothing!

Are you happy with your work? Enthusiastic, as are all our workers.

Is it worth the effort? We can’t imagine going back to the dark age of our conventional agriculture; we were deeply lost in fog.




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