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Tamburlaine Wines, Australia – Mark Davidson

April 20, 2012

We have been working towards better business and agricultural sustainability since the mid 1990s. We like it and of course we are happy, otherwise we would not go on with the same philosophy – we would be out of business. As a matter of fact, we have survived a number of “disastrous” seasons very well indeed compared to other “conventional” farmers.

Sustained grape quality is the key in the wine industry and, despite what the current wisdom may be, there is much of modern chemical farming that does not work. Systemic chemicals are over-prescribed and therefore over-used. The holistic concept of managing a quality vineyard is understood by relatively few practitioners.

We have completed the conversion of our 100 ha vineyard in the Orange wine region to full biodynamic status.

An important element of biodynamic viticulture (grape-growing) is to create healthy soil and an active microbial population. This greatly limits the incidence of soil borne diseases which means healthier grapes and better wines. Following biodynamic principles, we have created a completely self-contained grape-growing cycle where all organic waste including plant material, grape skins, food scraps, manures and leaves are composted and recycled in the vineyard. This has totally eliminated the need to use any artificial fertilizers.

There’s no question that our wines have improved since the adoption of biodynamic methods.

Video: Why go sustainable? 







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