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Weingut Graf von Kanitz, Germany – Sebastian Graf von Kanitz

April 21, 2012

The vineyards of Graf von Kanitz are situated in the center of the world heritage “Oberes Mittelrheintal” (Upper Middle Rhine Valley region) in Lorch on the Rhine between Loreley and Rüdesheim. Bordering Rhineland Palatia to the north this vintage zone is known as “Mittelrhein” with the river Rhine, the Wisper Valley and the Rheingau hills shaping the landscape. As a recognized wine producing community the village of Lorch is first mentioned in 1085 and received its municipal rights in 1885.

The vineyards lie on the right bank of the Rhine where the Rheingau hills create excellent conditions for wine-growing. Steep slopes close to the Rhine together with the soil composition of slate and quartzite are crucial to the development of the Riesling plant and contribute to its distinctive character.

The idea to treat nature in an environmentally friendly way had already begun in 1968 through our association with ANOG, the association of organic wine-growing. Our entry to the federal association of organic wine-growing “ECOVIN” ( followed in 1992. Consequently, we totally reject the use of artificial fertilizers, pesticides and herbicides.

The development of healthy disease-resistant vines as well as the promotion of diverse plant and animal life within the vineyard-ecosystem is our highest priority. This is supplemented by planting flowering seed-mixtures to create a positive environment for symbiotic insect life as well as helping to produce a valuable source of humus. Pruning techniques provide for the optimum oxygenation of the vines.





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