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Weingut Hirsch, Austria – Josef and Johannes Hirsch

April 22, 2012

It is far better to work with nature, than to try to fight it. For decades now, we have followed this creed.

All of our vineyards are cultivated biodynamically.  This is a logical consequence for us and not something that we blow our horn about.

Only natural fertilizers are employed in the vineyard.  The fertilizers are sourced from our old friend and companion, Robert Paget, who is an artisan cheese maker (see: ). The goats and buffalos that produce the superb raw milk used for Paget’s cheeses are also the source for the rich natural fertilizers applied in our vineyards.

We use integrated pest management methods to control pests and at the same time to minimize the negative effects on beneficial insects, thus creating a basis for an intact and functioning agro-ecosystem in which natural predator-prey communities exist.

Further quality-enhancing viticultural practices include a high density of vines per hectare, meticulous canopy management, and yield-reducing measures such as green harvesting and manual selection at harvest time.

We concentrate on two white varieties only; the two varieties that thrive best in the Kamp Valley and that can potentially produce wines of world class: Grüner Veltliner and Riesling. The quality of the wine speaks for itself since our conversion to very old traditional cultivation methods.





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