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Waverley Hills, South Africa – Kobus Du Toit (Owner), and Johan Delport (Winemaker)

April 25, 2012

From Johan:

Why do you do what you do? The mother company of Waverley Hills, Brenn-O-Kem (PTY) Ltd., has been in the recycling business and wine industry for more than 40 years. When the owners decided to diversify the business with the addition of a wine-making facility it was just natural that it had to be organic, because sustainability and looking after the environment has been part of our philosophy for decades.

How do you do it? We are certified organic by SGS and have to adhere to their rules for every step of our production. Apart from being certified organic, we are also striving to be as sustainable as possible with other initiatives such as the Green Fingers Project, our Eco-Centre, Nursery for indigenous plants (called Fynbos plants), preserving the natural vegetation on the farm as a Stewardship Location, breeding endangered indigenous fish species, etc.

What obstacles have you overcome? Agriculture and wine making have their daily obstacles – we take them as they come and work with nature to get over these problems.

Ducks on Snail Patrol

Are you happy with your work? Yes.

Is it worth the effort? It’s worth the effort if you see how the whole eco-system on the farm is returning. All the right insects are returning, then all the birds and rodents return, then the predators return. Everything is getting back as it was intended.

Biodiversity Wine Initiative:





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