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Piattelli Vineyards, Argentina – Owner: Jon Malinski, Winery Director: Gabriel Fidel, Principal Winemaker: Valeria Antolin

April 29, 2012

At Piattelli Vineyards we make Argentine Wines crafted for North American Palates. Rather than mass-produced wines that lack the unique aesthetics that are derived from a specific growing environment, our consumers are treated to wines that take on the specific flavors that result from blending grapes nurtured in the few select vineyards that we manage.

Our grapes are cultivated with arid–clean air, crystal–clear water, and nutrient–rich soil. We know this because we have a long-standing, direct, and personal relationship with each and every location where our grapes are grown. The terroir of Argentina allows us to grow are grapes with minimal synthetic intervention and the grapes are grown in optimal climates for their respective types.

According to winemaker, Valeria Antolin, it’s impossible to make world-class wine unless you start with world-class grapes. “The best technique in the world won’t make up for an environment not perfectly suited to a given varietal,” she says. That’s why Piattelli has been so careful to choose ideal locations to establish its vineyards. Currently Piattelli grows its grapes in three areas within two regions:

  1. Cafayate Valley, Salta
  2. Agrelo, Lujan de Cuyo, Mendoza
  3. Tupungato, West Valle de Uco, Mendoza

700 miles north of Mendoza in Cafayate, of the Salta Province, we are currently completing construction on a new winery (now active) and tourist space to be fully completed by early 2013. The winery is being constructed to be gravity-fed so there is minimal use of pumps and maximum efficiency and will have the least damage to the grapes, skins and wines through the fermentation and aging process.

We are driven by an irrevocable determination to craft our wines with Wisdom, Precision, and Love. Although historically there have been many ups and downs in Argentina, like old grape vines, we Argentinians are resilient and seem to come back to life after every season of difficulty. We’re courageous, hard working and collectively committed to creating a better future for our children and grandchildren than the one we inherited from the previous generation. This gives us much reason to be hopeful that Piattelli Vineyards will continue to ride the wave of prosperity that has been steadily gaining momentum and strength year after year.

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