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Cascina di Cornia, Italy – Antoine Luginbühl

May 4, 2012


Why do you do what you do?  Because I never had the idea I wanted to do something different!  In 1979, we discovered the Casina di Cornia farm. Lying on the south-western slopes of the Chianti hills between Florence and Siena, overlooking the Elsa Valley in the borough of Castellina in Chianti. Here, the beauty of the area and the quality of the land have acted as a backdrop to a centuries-old tradition of know-how connected with the land and its products.  The farm covers a total area of 24 hectares, 7 of which are set aside for the vineyards.  Ever since we went into production in 1980, we have planted choice Sangiovese clones which produce well-structured wines. The grapes are picked by hand and collected in small crates so that they arrive at the winery in perfect condition. Here, they are immediately vinified and the temperature and oxygenation of the must is carefully controlled to achieve optimal alcoholic fermentation. Only at the end of malolactic fermentation is a small amount of sulfur dioxide added, always respecting the rules of organic farming.  We have been “Bio” certified since 1983.

The Vineyards

Why did you choose the pomegranate as your symbol?  The pomegranate is a plant that grows very well here: in the spring the flowers are beautiful, at the beginning of the winter its fruit colors the bushes, and its design is easy and expressive.  It is also an antique Mediterranean fertility symbol; once you open the fruit, it is full of juicy seeds.  All these aspects make it particularly adapted to represent our philosophy of respecting the land.  All during the winegrowing process, we search to preserve or improve the land’s fertility and beauty.

A Pomegranate

Are you happy with this work?  The work is pleasure; but the bureaucracy is longer than time….







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