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Bishop Creek Cellars, Oregon – Reuel Fish

May 7, 2012

Why do you do what you do?  I’m a glutton for punishment and like the challenges of a business where if anything can go wrong, it probably will at some time.

How do you do it?  By paying as close attention to detail as I can without losing sight of the big picture.

What obstacles have you overcome?  The main obstacles, or at least the most frustrating, are the taxing, liquor, and other regulatory agencies that, in the name of the common good, regularly flaunt common sense and efficacious solutions to issues that arise in the industry in general, and with respect to business operating plans in particular.

What disasters have you survived?  Deer, birds, voles, drought, cold, mites and human error.

Are you happy with this work?  Of course.  It provides a great reason to enjoy the product.  We have received Certified Sustainable accreditation from LIVE (Low Input Viticulture and Enology) and are Salmon Safe. We use no herbicides or insecticides in the vineyard, and our approach to fruit health depends more on careful cultivation practices than on spraying. When we do spray, we use organically-approved mixtures of natural minerals.  The improvements in our wine are tangible and distinct.

Is it worth the effort?  Metaphysically, Spiritually, Morally, and for Entertainment Value, yes; but rarely in terms of dollars and cents.




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