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Maverick Wines, Australia – Ronald Brown

May 21, 2012

I have been practicing biodynamic viticulture for almost 20 years, initially in France and now in Australia. The question for me is less why we do it as whether we can afford not to, especially in the Barossa which, until recently, has suffered from tremendous droughts. By farming biodynamically we remove artificial chemical support and stimulus (which a healthy vine does not need anyway); this in turn forces the roots deeper, even in respect to our 100 year old vines, thus allowing them to tap into nutrients and water sources previously denied to them.

The combination of biodynamic viticulture, old vines and an almost dry farming regime results in small yields of very intense fruit – perfect for making wonderful wines. In the winery, we are equally hands off, allowing nature to take her course wherever possible. Minimal oak regimes and short ferments result in wines which are fruit driven, complex, but approachable and perfect with food. The final reinforcement of our earth-friendly approach is in our proprietary bottle, designed by Jasper Morrison; with almost no punt, the bottle is 30% lighter than standard wine bottles.




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