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Domaine de l’écu, France – Guy Bossard and Frédéric Niger Van Herck

May 24, 2012

Organic farming is just the first step. Biodynamic farming is, for us, the only way to find harmony between plants/earth/human beings/fauna/flora in the vineyards and to respect the biotope. Biodynamics is not only a way to drive the vineyards, it’s mainly a way of life.

We grow wine with conviction and passion and 22 hectares of vines on the hillsides of “Le Landreau” – Loire – France.  The entire vineyard has been farmed organically since 1972, and Biodynamically since 1998.  We are proud to be a member of the group “Return to Terroir” with Nicolas Joly, Anne Claude Leflaive, Olivier Humbrecht etc. (See link below.)

Our goal is to make wine with a direct connection to the soil: The taste of wine can only be original and inimitable if it’s the full expression of its terroir and climate.  Never forget than the winegrower only has a modest impact, 90% of the quality of this wine comes from the terroir….

Our soils are well situated and include healthy old vines that are mainly mass-selection: we still graft all our vines.  We prune for law yields, 100 % of the grapes are hand-picked: It can’t ever be overstated that the method of harvest is critical to the success of a wine.

Reception of the harvest by gravity, soft pneumatic pressing (all-stainless steel closed press), no racking of the must, alcoholic fermentation with natural yeast, fermentation temperature controlled between 15-17 °C and an aging on the lees in underground tanks covered with glass tiles between 8 and 16 months.

The winemaking remains very simple because our cellar is not a manufactory but a nursery!  Our wines must not only taste good, but also be sincere, reflecting the subtleties of the place of their origin.

Domaine de l’écu website:

“Return to Terrior” link:





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