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Azienda Agricola Giol, Italy – Luisa Giol and Vittorio Carraro

May 29, 2012

Our wines are honest, as nature intended, respecting the typicality of the grape varieties grown here on our estate. We produce wine from grapes grown on our historic “La Bicana”, “Il Bassonet”, “Le Gerette” and “Spiridiona” estates using organic farming techniques that respect the environment and the raw ingredients, protecting consumers.

We farm all 30 hectares of our vineyards with organic farming methods. We reject the use of chemically synthesized products and avoid forcing vines. These methods also make the best use of the territorial, environmental and natural resources. Not only does organic farming safeguard the environment, but above all, it preserves the fertility of the vineyards and the nutritional value of the grapes.

We choose not to use herbicides, instead tilling the land and plowing the grass back into the soil. This plows oxygen into the soil and enriches it with organic substances, nitrogen and vital trace elements.

We do not use insecticides or chemical fertilizers, opting instead for products of vegetable, animal or mineral origin that offer lower toxicity for vines and less pollution for both the soil and the aquifers.

Having achieved certification back in 1987, we now boast 25 years of experience in the field of organic farming.





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