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Azienda Agricola Giovanni Manzone, Italy – Giovanni and Mauro Manzone

May 30, 2012

Giovanni and Mauro

The vineyards and the wine are part of our history and our family.  This estate began in 1925.  We grow wine with a lot of passion, with love for the wines, and with serious and professional knowledge.

Our family has survived a lot of difficulties and problems during the past. After the Second World War our area was extremely poor. The family had to work very hard to survive and to have something to eat every day. We do not want to forget their work, their stories and their sacrifices.

Nebbiolo Grapes

We believe in a healthy and natural agriculture.  At the estate the principles of pure, natural, non-invasive agriculture are followed. No insecticides or fertilizers have ever been used. Natural grass is left between the rows of vines, mowed and left on the ground to form humus. All the wines are unclarified and unfiltered.  Only if our grapes live well can we can get great wines.

We are proud of what we have managed to accomplish and we want to improve more every day.





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