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Domaine Mathis Bastian, Luxembourg – Mathis and Anouk Bastian

June 14, 2012

We grow vines in harmony with nature. Also, we combine state-of-the-art techniques with time-honoured regional traditions.

We cultivate our vines using sustainable methods, respecting the environment.  We farm in a way that is economically practical, and environmentally sound.

Our estate offers a wide range of white wines, using grapes from low-yield harvests that give excellent freshness and elegance. Our goal is to preserve the diversity of the grape varieties, as well as the unique qualities of the terroir.

The quality of our wine comes from our intrinsic understanding of nature, grape varieties perfectly suited to the terroir, and an unrivalled technical know-how, born out of years of regional tradition.

Our family also owns the “Clos des Eglantiers” estate.


Domaine Mathis Bastian:

-Region of origin: Luxembourg Moselle, local microclimate

-Owner and manager: Mathis Bastian, Anouk Bastian

-Vineyard‘s area: 13,7556 ha

-Average yield:  72hl/ha

-Soil types: chalkey-clayey soils

-Growing practice: Sustainable farming

-Vinification method: traditional

-Different Terroirs: coteaux de Remich, Remich Goldberg, Wellenstein Foulschette and Wellenstein Kurschels

-Exposer of the parcels: Southeast

-Flowering period: around June the 20th

-Harvest Time: September /October.

-Harvest technique: all the grapes are hand harvested and sorted in successive pickings.

-Grape varietes grown/plantings: Elbling 5%, Rivaner 6%, Auxerrois 18%,Pinot blanc 6%, Pinot gris 22%, Chardonnay 4%, Pinot noir 12%, Riesling 23%, Gewürztraminer 4%.

-Wine  types: non-sparkling varietal wines 85%, sparkling wines called Crémant 15%

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