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Azienda Agricola Biodinamica Claudio Menicocci di Cristina Menicocci, Italy – Claudio and Cristina Menicocci

July 17, 2012

Our land is on the slopes of the Cimini Mountains in Italy. The soil is of volcanic origin and the climate is mild and temperate. A small river winds its way from Lake Vico to the Tiber, passing our farm.

The total farming surface amounts to 55 hectares, 30 of which for the vineyard, 14 for the growing of hazelnuts and 1.5 hectares for the growing of olives. The rest is wood and pasture. The vineyard counts 34 years, the hazel grove 25 years, and the olive grove 12.

In 1987 we “discovered” organic farming and from then on we have excluded chemical products from all cultivation.  We are now vegan and the farm is biodynamic.  We are happy with our work because we make sure that the day is not work but our way of life.

All our products are produced within our company using only natural methods. All our equipment, including the soil working machines, are used exclusively for biodynamic agriculture and processing.

The question you, as a consumer, should ask yourself is: Is it more appropriate to consider the nutritional content of a product; or the story, the packaging, the price?  We think that it is the content that matters. Unfortunately, we just about always find that most consumer interest is in the story, the packaging, and the price.

We sell direct because we are producing, processing and selling exclusively our own products, which are fully checked and certified Organic, Biodynamic and Vegan.  We like to sell in stable relationships, with guaranteed production and delivery, at fair prices and appropriate quality.

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