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Viader Vineyards, California – Delia Viader

October 3, 2012

So, Delia, why do you do what you do?

Really? Because I am out of my mind…first and foremost the number one pre-requisite for any winemaker and it is proven every year about this time of the year!

Besides, I truly like it. I must like it or how would I explain that we work 17 or 18 hours nonstop for weeks on end, and then go on to travel and talk about it to other people equally insane that like to hear us talk… for hours on end …about the same crazy stuff…too much rain, too much sun, too very little sun, too this, too that…sophisticated agriculture or just plain nuts after almost 30 years of doing it and loving it…

I love starting out every morning out in the vineyards.  I love harvesting for most of the night and then spending the remains of the night at the winery “concocting” what will be our next ‘100 points’ creation.  I love working to show nature (in the end result…the wines) in the very best light – showing the effort those little bonsai vines went thru to pass that ‘survival’ seed which becomes that very flavorful tiny berry, from which I get to extract three drops of elixir…the vines work hard, and we try even harder not to mess it up in the cellar.

I love the challenge every year brings (in the form of vintage differences…the “no formula that works one year will ever work again” type of thing) and I love the artistic-nurturing part as well as growing something out of virtually ‘natural rock’ sandy loam soils, that defy gravity.  If you don’t believe me come and volunteer to pick with us ONCE…we’ve never had repeats. Actually someone once called to say: “Did you know that there are 500 muscles in the human body…EVERY SINGLE ONE of them…hurts right now.”  He was in good physical shape before volunteering for harvest here, and he lasted 2 hours picking – and then it took him 2 weeks to recover.

In the end, it is worth all the effort, and some years we actually get it all right.

We are organic. (What else would you be if you lived on the property? We may be a little crazy but we’re not stupid.)

And, yes we follow the moon…even when we don’t dance; but I am convinced that it helps the rackings to obtain ‘clarity’ faster…the bottling guards all the aromatics longer, if we do it at the right time.  Even pruning is ‘safer’ ‘cleaner’ with less bacteria spread out, if we use the moon influence to our advantage, with the sap flowing ‘outwards’ when we are pruning (inflicting a wound) – so yes, we are bio-dynamic too.









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