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Organic Winegrowers New Zealand – Rebecca Reider

June 24, 2013


Organic Winegrowers New Zealand is an incorporated society with over 150 members, mostly growers and winemakers, who are either organic or heading in an organic direction. Our mission is to support and grow the organic sector in New Zealand, and we are governed by a committee of organic and biodynamic growers who are all passionate about that mission. In partnership with New Zealand Winegrowers, we’re aiming for “20 by 2020” – 20% of New Zealand vines under certified organic management by the year 2020. (Right now we’re at around 7% and growing.) Our projects include research, education, communications, and advocacy. One of our most high-profile projects is our government-funded Organic Focus Vineyard Project (, which is documenting the organic conversion process and comparing side-by-side organic and conventional vineyards, to help demystify the process of going organic for those interested in making the shift.

Our member winegrowers strive to cooperate with nature. No synthetic chemical fertilizers, pesticides or herbicides are used in the vineyards. Instead, our organic producers work to understand and utilize ecological processes and naturally derived resources. The goals: to raise thriving vines; support the health of both workers and consumers; care for the surrounding environment; and produce excellent wines that reflect the spirit of the land and the care with which they were grown.

All organic producers are audited annually by their certification agency and must use solely organic practices for three years before attaining full organic certification.

For more information, please visit:

Rebecca Reider – National Coordinator
Organic Winegrowers New Zealand
Ph. 027 359 4522




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