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Clos Henri, New Zealand

June 26, 2013

Clos Henri Undervine cultivating with chapel

Why do you do what you do? It’s important for us to learn about our terroir and to understand how to respect its profound nature and balance, nurturing it for generations to come. Working organically, with grapes grown only from our high density planted estate, and using dry farming practices, enables us to achieve true terrior expression in its purest form. Our overall objective is to emphasise our terroir in a natural way.

How do you do it? We are certified organic with Biogro NZ so we don’t use chemicals. Instead, we work our soil and reintegrate organic matter into the soil.

What obstacles have you overcome? Our biggest obstacles are natural ones: stones and Botrytis.

Are you happy with this work? It couldn’t be any better than this.

Is it worth the effort? Definitely. For us and every living thing around us, it is well worth the effort.  It’s reasonably easy to be organic here in Marlborough, New Zealand – so we’re very lucky. We have a lot of wind in summer, it’s usually pretty dry and we have super high sunshine hours and bright light which all help to keep the canopy dry and keeps disease pressure low.


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