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Fromm Winery, New Zealand

July 4, 2013

Owners: Pol Lenzinger and George Walliser

Winemakers: Hätsch Kalberer and William Hoare


William Hoare:

There are two schools of thought on winemaking – traditional and modern.  Fromm Winery is definitely in the school of traditional, old-style winemaking.  Our focus is on making wines that have a sense of place, so we do things like dry farming where the vines have to send their roots deep for moisture thereby giving the wines the flavor of the vineyard.  Then, by hand-picking and using natural yeasts that come from the vineyard, the wines are truly specific to that vineyard.

We do everything in the vineyard by hand, including pruning, wire lifting, leaf plucking and canopy management.  In the winemaking process, we handpick all fruit into small 10 kg bins and manually place it in the destemmer.  This is obviously a very labour intensive process but we believe the costs are outweighed by the quality of the end product.

The biggest obstacle we have overcome is working out how to manage young vines with mechanical undervine weeders.  We have overcome this issue by staking every plant with a steel stake and clipping the stake to the fruiting wire.  This stops the weeder from uprooting the young vines.

We are extremely happy working with organics.  Most organic producers around the world work with little intervention and this makes the wines more reflective of their soils and sites.  We truly believe that using organic methods makes better wine.  This stems from spending more time in the vineyard looking at the fruit, to all the little things that make the difference between good wine and great wine.


Winemakers Hätsch Kalberer and William Hoare




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