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Maysara Winery, Oregon – Moe and Flora Momtazi

April 7, 2012

Why do you do what do? We believe it’s the right way of farming and the results have been healthier crops which have produced higher quality wines.

How do you do it? Hard work and dedication to our principals is key to overcoming difficulties as well as continuous education on what is needed throughout the vineyard.

What obstacles have you overcome?  To be completely self-contained and self-sufficient was not easy, but in the last 5 years we have been able to have all our resources come from our own farm without needing to import any fertilizers.  Also, learning the properties and benefits of the different flowers and herbs has been a challenge.


What disasters have any survived? Thankfully, no major disasters have happened.  A funny challenge has been teaching the cows to stay away from the fruit trees and shrubs that grow throughout the vineyard.

Are you happy with your work? Very much so.  To see both the native plants and wildlife coming back each year is extremely rewarding.


Is it worth the effort? Definitely.  Changing the minds of skeptics in itself has been rewarding.  Being successful at natural farming has helped others to realize the benefits of alternative farming.  Farming sustainably is allowing Mother Nature to take her own course which does not need to be manipulated in either the vineyard or the cellar.






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